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Live music in Ditmas

Make Music Ditmas was an incredible community event where musicians were able to play and share their talents with live audiences across the neighborhood.

Here was the lineup - You can also listen to some clips on the MyCortelyou YouTube Channel

  • Classical Music: by Ezra Guitar Family

  • Eclectic Mix - Johnny Sheehan- Stephen Lovekin,  Jonas Read

  • Jazz- Yoon Choi Quartet, Pablo Vergara Trio

  • Jazz- Roy Nathanson, Lloyd Miller, Eric Alabaster, Albert Marques, Mohammed Saleem, Eddy Bourjolly, Gabe Nathanson, Aidim Scrimgeour

  • Rhythm and Blues, and Jazz- Joel Siegel w/ Blue laws and Kenny Barron- Piano, w/ Dan Loomis on bass and Mark McClean drums

  • Classic Rock Stanley John Mitchell, Jonas Read, Jackson Fitzgerald, Dalton Hartz, Alexa Barcini  Joanna-Barrett-Mitchell, plus guests

  • Folk from First Acoustics

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